Pre & Post Surgery Instructions

  • Any pre-op instructions that are to be given to patient by the surgeon vary as per patient to patient.
  • After the operation patient will be kept in the recovery room. This period may vary from few minutes to few hours. The anesthetist decides about shifting the patient to the room. The decision depends on many technical factors.
  • Patient may feel nauseated in the immediate post-operative period, and patient may even vomit which should not cause any worry. This generally gets over after few hours.
  • Patient is generally allowed to have sips of water immediately after the operation and liquids on day of operation. In case of vomiting the liquid intake may be stopped and restarted after 30 minutes. The liquids may include water / cold drinks / tea / coffee / milk / juices or some clear soups.
  • Patient is allowed to have normal home cooked meals of choice from the next morning at breakfast. And it is important that to prevent feeling bloated patient should have small frequent meals for some days.
  • Patient should try to move the limbs and should sit up immediately after operation. Patient can go to the toilet on his own.
  • Patient will be discharged on the same day or next day of operation unless there is some associated medical/social problems.
  • Patient is advised to visit again for follow up after 2-5 days when the dressings are removed. Patient should avoid wetting the dressings unless they are waterproof. After the removal of dressing, patient can have normal bath with soap and water.
  • In very few cases there may be some bloody/whitish discharge from the wound in the post operative period. This should not bother patient because it is generally harmless. Patient can wipe the discharge and apply band-aid so as to avoid staining the clothes. If it is more patient should report to the surgeon during the next visit.
  • Patient should feel free to ask any question that may come to the mind.

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