Pre & Post Surgery Instructions

  • The pre operative instructions will vary from patient to patient
  • After the Obesity Surgery/Gastric Sleeve Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery, patient is kept under observation in the Surgical ICU overnight.
  • Patient gets sleepy right away after the operation due to the sedation given by the bariatric surgeons during anesthesia and during the healing period.
  • Patient may feel some uneasiness when coming out of the effect of the sedation. Discomfort gradually decreases to a bearable level within a few minutes without any anesthetic injections. Patient should try to avoid drugs as they can cause drowsiness and patient may sleep for a longer period of time which is not acceptable.
  • Patient may feel nauseated immediately after the post-operative period. If this happens, patient must inform the nurse so that suitable medication can be given to avoid vomiting, as it is not desirable.
  • Patient must try to move limbs after the Gastric Sleeve. Patient is then mobilized during the day following surgery. The catheter will be removed and patient can use the washroom.
  • Physical activities are not restricted. Patient can start walking as soon as he/she are shifted to their room. Patient can climb stairs. However, he/she should prevent from lifting heavy weight for 4-6 weeks following surgery.
  • Patient is discharged when his oral intake of fluids reaches 1.5 – 2 liters per day.
  • The pipe attached to the patient’s abdomen is removed during follow-up appointment
  • Patient is adviced for follow up usually one week after discharge from hospital

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