Thyroid Surgery

What is Thyroid?

  • Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland which is located in the neck is a master gland for metabolism.
  • If there are problems with functioning of thyroid, it can affect the weight, energy levels, and other aspects of the health.
  • It is estimated that almost half of the population in the world is suffering from some sort of thyroid problem, but the majority are not aware about it.
  • Thyroid problems which are not diagnosed can

Thyroid Surgery


dramatically increase the risk of obesity, hair loss, infertility, anxiety, depression and other health problems. Thus, it is important for people to go for a proper diagnosis.

What is Thyroid Surgery?

  • Thyroid surgeryis a surgery performed to treat thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules and other thyroid problems.
  • During thyroid surgery, a part of or all of the thyroid gland is removed. An incision is made in the skin and the muscles and other tissues are pulled aside to expose the thyroid gland.

What are Parathyroids?

  • Parathyroid glands help in controlling the phosphorus and the calcium levels in the blood.
  • There are four such glands located in the neck, adjacent to the neck and behind the thyroid gland.
  • Parathyroid glands may function improperly, leading to hyperparathyroidism, which leads to increased calcium levels in the blood. It can lead to muscle weakness, bone pains, kidney stones, frequent urination and decreased alertness.

Thyroid Gland


What is Parathyroid surgery?

  • Patients suffering from parathyroidism can opt for parathyroid surgery.
  • The surgery just requires an overnight hospitalization and is a much safer and quicker when compared to other traditional procedures.
  • Laparoscopic Parathyroid surgery is definitely better than other traditional large incision surgeries.
  • This surgery has an ability to identify exactly which parathyroid gland has got affected. The whole procedure is performed successfully using one inch incision to remove the affected gland and is performed under slight sedation.
  • Whole surgery lasts from only about 10-30 minutes to perform the whole procedure in comparison to the standard surgery and patients are discharged after 1-2 hours. Patients can resume their daily activities and recover fast.

Why Dr. Pradeep Chowbey

Thyroid surgery and parathyroid surgery has not been among popular surgical options for people who are suffering from complications related to Thyroid glands or Parathyroid glands. The major reason for it is the fact that the open surgical process in the neck region seems to be a dreadful option. However, Dr. Pradeep Chowbey with is expertise, both in open and Minimally Access Surgery for thyroid and parathyroid eliminates any apprehension regarding the surgery.

Dr. Chowbey utilizes his skills in laparoscopic surgery by making a very small incision in the neck o(one inch)� through which he carefully operates the affected part of the gland. He has successfully operated thousands of patients suffering from both thyroid and parathyroid problems.

Pre & Post Surgery Instructions

  • Any pre-op instructions that are to be given to patient by the surgeon vary as per patient to patient.
  • After the operation patient will be kept in the recovery room. This period may vary from few minutes to few hours. The anesthetist decides about shifting the patient to the room. The decision depends on many technical factors.
  • Patient may feel nauseated in the immediate post-operative period, and patient may even vomit which should not cause any worry. This generally gets over after few hours.
  • Patient is generally allowed to have sips of water immediately after the operation and liquids on day of operation. In case of vomiting the liquid intake may be stopped and restarted after 30 minutes. The liquids may include water / cold drinks / tea / coffee / milk / juices or some clear soups.
  • Patient is allowed to have normal home cooked meals of choice from the next morning at breakfast. And it is important that to prevent feeling bloated patient should have small frequent meals for some days.
  • Patient should try to move the limbs and should sit up immediately after operation. Patient can go to the toilet on his own.
  • Patient will be discharged on the same day or next day of operation unless there is some associated medical/social problems.
  • Patient is advised to visit again for follow up after 2-5 days when the dressings are removed. Patient should avoid wetting the dressings unless they are waterproof. After the removal of dressing, patient can have normal bath with soap and water.
  • In very few cases there may be some bloody/whitish discharge from the wound in the post operative period. This should not bother patient because it is generally harmless. Patient can wipe the discharge and apply band-aid so as to avoid staining the clothes. If it is more patient should report to the surgeon during the next visit.
  • Patient should feel free to ask any question that may come to the mind.

Cost of Thyroid/Parathyroid Surgery

Cost of thyroid and parathyroid surgery depends on the actual condition of the glands and up to what extent they require surgical care. Further, the cost of the surgery also depends on any other associated complications.


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