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Laser Piles Treatment

The treatment of piles depends on the clinical condition and degree of piles. It varies from patient to patient.For stage 1 & 2 of piles, there are some newer treatment modalities which are painless and non invasive for example laser.

If untreated, hemorrhoids may cause complications such as anemia and weakness due to the chronic blood loss during defecation. There is a risk of developing thrombosed or prolapsed haemorrhoids which could be quite painful.

The New Outpatient Treatment Modalities

IRC – Infra Red Coagulation –

The infrared coagulator is for outpatient treatment of internal first and second degree piles. It is the most effective non surgical treatment modality. They give very good results . These procedures are painless. Its done as day care procedure and does not need hospital admission. These procedures are also known as office treatment in the western world. Which means that you come from office , get the treatment done and go back to office.


Diode Laser 980nm / 1470nm 15W is used in proctology

Haemorrhoidal LASER procedure is a pain-free outpatient form of treatment that is performed to effectively cure piles of grade 1and 2. The technique involves identifying terminal branches of the upper rectal artery by using a Doppler transducer ( ultrasound probe ) After identification of the terminal branches, heat from electric current is directed by diode fibre LASER – to destroy the abnormal tissue and cause interruption of blood flow to the haemorrhoidal. The technique is repeated circumferentially per clockwise positions. This technique is simple, less time consuming, safe and easy to perform. It has been very effective in minimising the symptoms.