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Next Generation Robotic Surgery for Common Surgical conditions

Next Generation Robotic Surgery Dr. Pradeep Chowbey

Thirty years ago, the surgical fraternity witnessed a giant leap of faith from open to laparoscopic surgeries. It revolutionized the surgical landscape with the minimally invasive technique causing minimal pain, quick recovery and resumption of normal activities, excellent cosmetic results and shorter hospital stay. Patients could move around on the same day of surgery. It brought significant drop in post operative infection rates that were common due to long hospitalizations in open surgeries.

Now, we have taken another giant leap with the Next-Generation Robot- VERSIUS from Cambridge Medical Robotics. Versius is designed to provide all the advantages of laparoscopic surgery technique with added precision, accuracy & safety.

Backed by Machine Learning & empowered by Artificial Intelligence, this next-generation robot is designed for Surgical Excellence. It enables a 3D view with a greater depth perception that empowers the surgeon to achieve greater precision with ease. Its robotic arms move up to 720 degrees for precise & efficient alignment which is not possible with a human arm.

The 3-dimesnional images and the easy maneuverability of the robotic arms empower the surgeon to achieve greater precision with ease. The next generation robot can be used for all common surgical conditions like Gallbladder stones, Hernia, appendicitis, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, Bariatric & Metabolic surgery (weight loss surgery), Fundoplication & other procedures.