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5 Worst Foods versus 6 Super Foods | Stop Obesity and Food Addiction

5 Worst Foods versus 6 Super Foods | Stop Obesity and Food Addiction

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to stop obesity and food addiction? Is the answer no? Alright! Well first it’s essential that we identify the 5 most harmful foods that lead to our craving for more food and replace them with the perfect 6 super foods. Its only when these addictive foods are replaced and altered with super foods, we will achieve a fitter and healthier body.

5 Most Addictive Foods

Most people are of the view that ‘junk food’ is something that’s related to fast-food outlets like burgers, potato chips, chocolate, beverages etc. But the term carries much more weight than what is thought about it. Precisely one who eats a healthy diet knows much more about the term’s wider applicability.
1. Meat
2. Dairy products(cheese)
3. Sugar
4. Salt
5. Chocolate

The products mentioned above are known to release opiate-like substances which affect the brain’s chemical makeup and provides it a ‘feel good factor’ for a temporary period after which an individual suddenly feels a need to consume more of these items. These products usually lead to compulsive overeating disorder amongst individuals which can also be referred to as food addiction. According to this definition then 80% of the products found on supermarket shelves are addictive in nature. It’s essential that we understand why these products need to be avoided so that we are not only able to topple food addiction but also combat obesity. Let’s delve deeper into the character of these products to know what makes them addictive.

1. Meat: Researchers conducted by the English revealed that certain opiate-blocking drugs which were normally given to treat heroin addicts could help reduce the desire for meat. Meat is known to contain hypoxanthine which stimulates the brain temporarily making it feel good for certain time duration. Hypoxanthine’s chemical formula is pretty similar to that of caffeine.

2. Dairy products (Cheese): In around 1970’s everybody preferred skimmed milk over fat milk. But as time passed by, supermarkets were filled with these different varieties of cheese that contained fat. Consuming fatty cheese on a daily basis is one of the biggest factors that lead to obesity in individuals today. Cheese contains casein which releases opiates called casomorphins which enter into the bloodstream directly giving an individual the ‘feel good’ effect for a short while.

3. Sugar: It’s another product that causes addition that’s because as soon as it touches our taste buds, it sends nerve impulses to our brain which in turn releases opiates making it want more of the food article.

4. Salt: Consuming too much salt is not good for your health since it retains water, increases weight, leads to hypertension and high blood pressure levels. Most of the processed items available in supermarkets contain high quantity of salt so as to hide their sugary content. Eating salted peanuts can make you really thirsty and cause addiction of water for a short while. It’s essential that salt is consumed in lesser quantity so that your body stays fit and healthy.

5. Chocolate: Pretty much like sugar, chocolate also contains opiates which stimulate the brain for a short while before returning it to a normal state. It’s essential that chocolate is not consumed in high quantity since it’s addictive in nature and very unhealthy if consumed in more quantity.

Recovery from Food Addiction

Since now we are aware of the foods that cause addiction, its liable to search for a solution. The next step to stopping obesity is that we interchange these products with healthy ones so as to achieve a better life. It’s essential that an individual limits and restrains his intake of these unhealthy foods over time and switches totally to healthy foods. Let’s discover these super foods that can limit obesity and food addiction.
Foods that are rich in all minerals and vitamins are the ones that can best help stop food addiction. These may include delicacies made from fruits, nuts, pulses and vegetables.

6 Super Foods To Limit Obesity

1. Green vegetables: That’s because green vegetables contain most of the nutrients and vitamins that your body requires on a daily basis. High fibre content in vegetables with lower calories fills your tummy much faster and leaves less room for those high calorific addictive foods which normally you would consume to fulfill your hunger requirement.

2. Nuts and dry fruits: Since these food articles are rich in most vitamins and contain really high calorific value, they are a great choice to maintain a healthy body.

3. Pulses, lentils and beans: Well pulses and beans are pretty low in calorie content yet provide all the essential vitamins and minerals required by the body. They are also low in sodium content which means that they will not allow water to be retained which usually leads to bloating.

4. Bananas as a substitute to eggs for cakes: Bananas are a great substitute for eggs since they are both rich in fibre and potassium content which is known to aid in weight loss. It also contains high amounts of vitamin B6 which boosts your immunity and reduces the risk of getting heart disease.

5. Avocados: They are rich in protein and vitamin content and contain oleic acid which subdues your hunger for longer durations. It’s a great healthy fruit to consume especially if you wish to lose weight.

6. Honey as a substitute to sugar: Honey is a natural ingredient unlike sugar which means it contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All these are known to regulate fat and cholesterol metabolism which helps to prevent obesity.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on 5 worst foods vs. 6 super foods. As the saying goes ‘health is wealth’ so let’s take the initiative to combat obesity and change our lifestyles for the best with these super foods mentioned above.

Posted 25 Mar, 2015