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Are You Prepared For Your Weight Loss Surgery Procedure?

Are You Prepared For Your Weight Loss Surgery Procedure?

There is no doubt that weight loss surgery has shown to produce significant results. However, people are unaware that there are several weight loss operations currently available which can produce desired results. As a patient, it is very important for you to understand and decide the right procedure for your body.

How effective is weight loss surgery?

Different types of weight loss surgeries done today, such as adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy are effective only when:

•  They are performed by competitive surgeons
•  They are done along with aftercare programs which focus on dietary, behavioural and physical changes.
•  And most essentially, they are done on patients that are willing to give their 110% towards the surgery

Irrespective of the type of surgery that you choose, it is very imperative for you stay honest to yourself and use this surgery as a tool to control your hunger and portion size. As a patient, you would also be required to implement certain lifestyle changes, which can also be taken as a challenge to achieve your target.

If you are planning to undergo a bariatric surgery, there are certain things that should be considered while deciding on the type of surgery. To make it easier for you, we have summed up some of the most important considerations:

1. Expected weight loss

It is very much essential for you to set a goal! All you need to do is set a figure of the percentage of weight you are willing to lose. However, remember that the amount of weight you lose entirely depends upon how well you follow up with your doctor’s advice and work on the required lifestyle changes in order to successfully achieve your target.

In general, it is seen that patients who undergo gastric bypass loose around 70 percent of excess weight and sleeve gastrectomy patients loose around 60 percent weight.

Although gastrectomy patients tend to lose less weight, they still see a significant improvement in their health as well as quality of life. This is primarily because it is necessary to take care of your eating habits and workout schedule post surgery.

2. Preparing early

Patients who lose weight while getting ready for bariatric surgery are expected to lose more weight after surgery and likely to experience less complications.

One of the main reasons associated with preparing early for the surgery is reversing poor eating habits. Since habits take some time to change, it is suggested that you start preparing yourself early. You won’t notice any significant changes over the long term if you do not change your habits.

If you do not take care of your body, there are chances that you might gain back your lost weight while experiencing a relapse of your obesity related health problems.

Therefore, the sooner you start preparing for you surgery, it will be easier for you to approach your long term weight loss goals ahead of time.

3. Lifestyle Changes

After surgery, you won’t be able to eat the same quantity of food. This is because your smaller stomach won’t allow your body to process large food quantity. Moreover, if you fill your stomach with junk food, your body will miss out on the essential nutrients, which can lead to horrible side-effects such as malnutrition and dumping syndrome.

If you are so keen on losing weight, it is necessary for you to eat nutritious and healthy food. Although, the doctor would advice you on your diet, you can also take care of your health by including diet that is rich in proteins. Eating slowly and chewing your food properly helps you to stay in touch with your body so that you do not overeat and stretch your stomach.

It is also suggested to keep away from sugared beverages and instead include more water that keeps you well hydrated. Also it is suggested to get into the habit of morning and evening walks, which will help you in long term weight loss.

The above suggested changes are not easy to adopt. For that reason, we also suggest you to be patient with yourself. As weeks and months pass by following this schedule, you would get habitual to such routine and such kind of adjustments would become much easier.

Posted 02 Sep, 2015