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Arun Jaitley Undergoes Weight Surgery

Arun Jaitley Undergoes Weight Surgery

On September 3, 2014 Arun Jaitley, the present Defense and Finance Minister of the country, was operated for a gastric bypass under the ace expertise of Dr. Pradeep K Chowbey. This planned procedure conducted at the Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket was performed with the aim of keeping his severe diabetes under check.

The minister is believed to have been troubled by this insulin disorder for more than 10 years. The primary reason for undergoing the surgery was that the minister’s diabetic levels were way beyond normal and seemed to be deteriorating further. The inflammation in his legs further reinforced the seriousness of his medical condition.

For years, the only treatment technique known for diabetes encompassed regular exercising, alterations in food habits and intake of medication. However, in recent times, this surgery is rated as a boon to combat this disorder that strikes the well-being of a large number of people. Series of research highlight the benefits of going through this procedure for the control of diabetes. The surgery is also believed to render the maximum advantages when conducted within the first decade of the disease’s prevalence, especially to those patients for whom all traditional ways of cure give way.

During the surgery, Dr Chowbey utilized laparoscopy to staple the stomach with the intention of condensing the organ. It seems that the smaller size of the organ aids in lesser consumption of food. The condensed organ after the stapling procedure is attached to the small intestine with the aim of reducing the absorption of fat levels in the body.

The 61-year-old BJP leader was admitted to the hospital an evening prior, owing to complains of discomfort. The doctors ensured that all his vital statistics were in proper condition before the surgery by conducting an array of blood and heart tests that evening itself.

As per, Dr Chowbey, Dr Pradeep K Chowbey, said the surgery was for weight reduction and minimally invasive. “It will help him control appetite and lower his weight from the existing 117 kg,” Road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari underwent the same procedure about two years ago.

He also canvassed the conduct of the surgery for psychological benefits as the associated reduction in weight certainly adds to the mental well being of the patient.

The success rate of this procedure is well known as it was only two years back that Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways also opted for the same. Although not in the country, the Prime Minister is believed to have made a courtesy call to confirm the wellness of his finance minister.

Holding fort with three vital portfolio namely finance, defence and corporate affairs; Arun Jaitley’s well-being is certainly desired with keenness by the whole nation. Of course, he could not have been in better hands as his surgeon; Dr Chowbey has been awarded the Padma Shree for his expertise in the field. Dr Chowbey holds the esteemed designation of being the honorary surgeon to the President of India. He is also on roll with the Armed Forces Medical Services and is Dalai Lama’s surgeon as well. The nation looks forward to the minister’s speedy recovery.

Posted 18 Feb, 2015