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As the time oscillates in phase of Lockdown, so is the weighing scale.

As the time oscillates in phase of Lockdown, so is the weighing scale.

Social distancing and self-quarantine are the new safety slogans which will prevail due to COVID-19 for this 2020 and may be further. In this phase of self isolation , the anxiety levels are high due to restrictions to be under four walls. Its evident not only in adults but also in children and adolescents.

The alarm buzzing on weighing scale and alarm snoozing on the beds. We have no proper time table to walk into our office doors and punch in or swipe our fingers for maintaining attendance sheet and discipline. This has led to erratic sleeping routines, increased screen time on social media and urge to binge on comfort food . The comfort food mainly comprises of dense refined sugars- cakes, chocolates, cookies, cheese, chips, etc. The lockdown hoarded food is at our easy access. This phase has made the entire society under the heavy risk of weight gain and future obesity.

Britain and Italy have already presented remarkable studies reporting the obesity predisposes the risk of COVID-19 infection. Research revealed by the New York University Grossman School of Medicine also suggests obese people are more prone to be hospitalised with Covid-19 than those with cancer or lung disease. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned its people who have higher BMI-40 and are severley obese. The threat of obesity gaining in India too. The hypothesis suggests, in obese patients suffering from COVID-19, the body overreacts to infection with inflammation, causing irritation to lungs. Obesity is a well recognized to be pro-inflammatory condition. This possibility directly contributes to the association of worst outcomes of COVID-19 infection in obese patients.

Balance is the key to everything in life. Lets gear up to adopt health lifestyle measures to keep obesity at bay. We are under social lockdown and not exercise lockdown. It is the time to make our daily exercise regime at home to stay fit and healthy. The advisory suggest to eat wisely, timely and monitor ourselves as metabolism works best when nutritious food is ingested at regular intervals, rather than erratically. The principal of right choice of food which includes high fiber, high protein and less carbohydrates will maintain our satiety and circadian rhythm.

India needs its citizens to stay indoors at this time, it does not require us to gain more weight and become inactive. It is the time for us to evolve as individuals, to win over temptations of high calorie food, adopt discipline in lifestyle and beat the odds. Holding the key of balance at professional and personal front will make us the future warriors not only to win over coronavirus but also the rest deadly diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Are we prepared to fight COVID-19 ? Let us support “Stay Home Stay Fit Stay Safe”. Lets all take a pledge to fight it together.

Posted 24 May, 2020