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Childhood Obesity – An irreversible damage

With the rising concerns of uncontrolled lifestyle changes, children are easily prone to many disorders and suffer the most. Obesity is one such concern which looms on many parents’ minds and is becoming a cause of concern. The fact is, obesity in children is caused due a variety of reasons. The common factors may be lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns or a combination of these.

There are very few cases of obesity due to hormonal issues which however after regular physical exam and blood tests can be ruled out. Children who have a family history of obesity with parents and siblings being overweight, tend to become overweight themselves if eating and physical activity habits are not monitored. A child’s diet and and physical activity plays an important role in the child’s weight. Many children today spend a lot of time in a day playing video games or watching TV adding to the hours of inactivity. This will in-turn make the child lethargic and can lead to a number of conditions like, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Early Heart disease, Diabetes etc.

A healthy lifestyle with a mix of proper eating habits and physical activity is important for children to not just improve their immunity but also boost their morale and health.

Although a lot has been said and observed about obesity across all mediums, the basic facts remain somehow uncovered and un-realised pertaining to the common and simple factors which we ignore and the very same factors lead to weight gain in our modern times. A straight line fact about Obesity is, it occurs when your body consumes more calories than it burns. The reasons involved in causing obesity can be various including environmental and behavioural factors which have a greater influence in our current lifestyle considering both adults and children equally.

Consuming fat foods, doing little or no physical activity all day summed up with a history of obesity in the family can lead to ones own physical deterioration in ways not imagined. Including the facts like BED(Binge Eating Disorder), Cushing’s disease and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which are certain medical conditions, the person feels compelled to eating a large amounts of food in some cases which also leads to weight gain and obesity.

The above factors can lead to a lot of medical disorders and conditions like below:
– Breathing disorders
– Coronary Artery disease
– Depression
– Diabetes
– Gall Bladder or Liver disease
– High BP and Cholesterol
– Joints disorders

Having said the above facts, obesity can be monitored and controlled by appropriate eating and exercise regime. A healthy and balanced diet followed by lifestyle and behavioural changes is required to make commendable changes to your weight. This should be followed up with medical and behavioural therapy for suitable candidates so as to monitor their health with the help of professionals as and when required keeping in mind the medical history of the family.

Regular exercise and physical activity along with a suggested and healthy diet plan will always help your body to encounter obesity. It is suggested that this practice is to be followed irrespective of age and gender to keep a healthy lifestyle. Medical supervision is advised in case of extreme conditions and it is suggested to follow the guidelines of the medical advisory/Doctor.

Posted 04 Jan, 2017