Coping with the new Normal- How will it impact us medically, socially and economically ?

Coping with the new Normal- How will it impact us medically, socially and economically ?

The Venom of Coronavirus has spread across the world. Its toxic nature has not only ruined our physical health but also social and economic health.

Are We ready with the Viral antibodies, Social antibodies and Economic antibodies?

This global crisis of pandemic Coronavirus 2020 has created a noxious impact on current generation and will leave a trail in future. This commenced in the city of Wuhan in China ,late last year ,with the suspicion of wild animal eating which later progressed to various postulated theories- some said man made virus spread from the scientific labs, others considered it a biowar and few said cosmic evolution- natures’ punishment . Since its emergence in Asia it has spread to every continent except Antartica. It is a greatest challenge we have faced since World War II.

The rapid increase in numbers of COVID-19 across the world is alarming. Every country is racing to slow the spread of the virus by testing and treating patients, carrying out social distancing, proper hand hygiene, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings. It feels we are all in the same boat with no life jackets (no definite vaccines) with rescuers (The Doctors-the wariorrs) with their own lives at stake.

In last 50 days we have bid adieu to malls, parties, cinema theatre,restaurants, family gatherings, even going to work to curb this crisis of caronavirus. Are we happy with the Lockdowns? Happiness is countable to the plight of being safe at home. I am sure some felt locked indoors, some were delighted to spend time with their families, others were counting their future with saving accounts. Life was at different forefoot for all. Many world’s greatest cities were deserted as people stayed indoors, either by choice or by government order.

Every day, people were losing jobs and income, with no predictions on when normalcy will return. Tourism industry will have major setbck and a simple thought of going for a vacation will be pending chapter in our dream diaries.The International Labour Organization claims that 195 million jobs could be lost.

The healthcare sector is at the epicentre of this global pandemic challenge, and the private sector has supported by offering to the government – testing support, preparing isolation beds for the treatment of Covid-19 positive patients. Everyone has joined hands together to fight Covid -19.

In the phase of this catastrophe, the healthcare workers have been at upfront to fight Covid-19 in making vaccines, trying drugs-chloroquinones, plasma therapies to cure this menace. However, no definite treatment has been gurantied to the patient. Doctors trying their best to save lives. India has the least numbers of Covid-19 comparing the other world economies, thanks to the Govt. moderators to set the country under early lockdown. Although lockdown expectations were to flatten the curve of Covid-19, indeed have flatten the economic growth. Post-pandemic period,we will see the era of automation and global digitalisation. The day is not far when we will be instructing the robots for our domestic help. We would be compelled to embrace virtualisation. The work from home policy would be the new normal. We will probably require more support to recover from the effects of the virus.

New Normal” of the world order, the consensus is that countries need to come forward as a team to save the mother earth from this pandemic. Looking ahead in the current times to learn to live together in the new normal by following the princples – “social distancing”, “wearing masks”, “maintaining hygiene”, etc
COVID-19 crisis will also provide opportunities. Countries may witness better healthcare – both management and facilities. Undoubtely, vaccines and appropriate medicines to tackle the COVID-19 will be invented. This phase will be of tele- video consultations for patients. We all would be ensuring to start with basic surgical procedures and minimising aerosol generating procedures. There would be regular reinforcing standard hygiene practices at opds and ipds in the hospital. The emergence of PPE in healthcare industry is going to peak in next 2 years. Data already suggest, India has already become 2nd largest producer of PPE. Every patient who enters the hospital will be suspicious of COVID-19. The mantainence of proper protocols and to abide by would be in priority list. A phase of constant monitoring, asessment, evaluation and supervising would be the important yardstick for measuring the success of COVID free environment.
Are we looking at increased GDP towards healthsector post COVID-19 ? The current public health expenditure is around 1.28 % of Indias total GDP, which is far less although higher than previous years. We are expecting a rise for survival of countrymen. I shall not forget the loss my collaegues across India sacrificing their lives as Doctors ( Warriors) in phase of COVID-19. We salute their sacrifices,although recovery from this menace will be filled with many indelible scars.
In near future we are looking forward to increase our team (public health care workers) which will include doctors, nurses and supprting staff.In this time of medical emergency in the country, growth may eventually happen if we all work together and demonestrate partnership and leadership. Neverthless, the major resonsibility is on the government to allow market economy to work till the growth is restored.

As I conclude my Day and pen down my feelings- We need to reboot our systems- medically, ecnomically and socially. However, its well said by David Stutman ; “ Complacency is the enemy of Progress”. All of us have to be recharged and refueled and well equipped to mange any such shocks in future.

Posted 20 May, 2020

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