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Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery – Few Tips You Need to Know

Exercise is a must, whether you want to achieve or maintain weight loss. An exercise routine is necessary to strengthen heart and bones, burn calories, increase metabolic rate, develop muscles and improve mood and stress. It also helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body.

Bariatric surgery is a powerful weight loss tool, but exercise is required to enjoy the benefits for a long term. There are various benefits related to exercise after this surgery,

1. Right kind of weight loss: A good exercise schedule helps you lose more weight and keep it off after the surgery. Various studies conducted reveal that those patients who were regular with exercises after the surgery were able to lose more weight as compared to those who did not.

Exercise helps in losing weight the right way. It helps in burning fat and maintaining the lean muscles.

2. Gives you an amazing feeling: Exercising can help raise your energy levels and make you feel fresh. Regular exercise strengthens the bones and the muscles, improve the immunity and controls the blood sugar levels. It also enhances the mental function and health.

3. Improves mental health: After surgery, the patient goes through a tough time. Various hospitals have support groups to help people overcome it. Exercise improves the blood flow to the brain and produces endorphins which help come over the anxiety and depression related to surgery. It also helps to regulate and improve mood.

When to start exercising after surgery:

According to the best bariatric surgeon in India, any physical activity after the surgery will help you recover faster.

During the first week, the patient can star with walking. Initially start with taking several short steps, and then you can move around the house, shower and even use the stairs at home. You can increase the distance and intensity as you feel able to do the same. As and when you feel ready you can introduce a variety of exercise in your schedule. The best type activities include swimming, yoga, dancing, jogging, aerobics, and lightweight. The exercise should be intense enough to make you feel out of breath or getting your heart beat faster.

The patient who has undergone laparoscopic surgery can do most of the activities in two or three weeks.

Exercise routine might vary for every individual undergone bariatric surgery. It is always advisable to consult your surgeon before following any routine.

How much exercise done proves to be beneficial?

The surgeons involved in weight loss surgery in Delhi suggest that adults should aim to be active daily. The individual should track the benefits achieved after a vigorous intensity workout over a period of a week. Combination of moderate and vigorous exercise also proves to be beneficial.

Few Exercise Tips:

• Begin the exercise schedule slowly, never rush.
• Bring in a variety of schedules, to overcome the boredom.
• Choose the physical activities you enjoy the most, it will help you in keeping up with the schedule.
• Drink plenty of water as the smaller size of the stomach can make it tough to meet the water needs after exercise.

Exercise is very beneficial after a bariatric surgery. If done under the supervision of the surgeon it can prove to be of great help in losing weight and in maintaining the lost weight.

Posted 26 Oct, 2018