Helpful Exercises for Hernia Patients

Helpful Exercises for Hernia Patients

Surgical intervention in the case of Hernia patients can leave over 30 percent of them with a lifetime of discomfort and pain and is best avoided if possible. In most cases, yoga exercises prove to be helpful in impairing the elasticity of muscles and are more successful than the act of inserting a foreign net that may cause grave complications in post operation life (30-40 years).

A proper evaluation of some Hernia solutions goes beyond surgery and helps in the avoidance of recurrence (and other complications) of the disease, especially in non-critical situations. One of the common ways of taking care of these concerns is by strengthening the affected muscle with simple exercises. These exercises are best carried out for 21 days under observation—however, if no fruitful results come to the fore, it is then advisable to seek an appointment with a surgeon.  Take a look.

Simple Physical Medicines for Hernia

Whether you are suffering from Umbilical / Incision / Inguinal/ Femoral Hernia or looking for treatment for Hiatal Hernia, you can go in for effective and simple exercises that promise to provide instantaneous relief. For instance, in case you have been diagnosed for Hiatal Hernia, then do the following exercise regularly:

Pull in your Tummy (for Umbilical)/ Abdomen (for Inguinal) and hold yourself in this position for 3 seconds. Then release slowly and repeat the process 10 times. The act takes a minute and should be done once every hour across the whole day. Once you are comfortable, 5-7 seconds of holding is recommended for more improvements. This exercise should be avoided for 2 hours after meal intakes and can be done at just about any time –while working, cooking, sitting, driving, watching TV and so forth. Repetition has more impact than hard exercising in this case-so act accordingly.

Precaution is Better than Cure

While sketching out your Hernia exercise routine, it is important that you take care to avoid activities such as hunching, jogging, forward bending, jerks and other moves that end up creating outward pressure on the abdominal muscle lining. So, rather than stitching a mesh and then “bouncing back”, it is better to be conservative. In other words, refrain from pushing your luck.

Yoga Treatment without surgery for Hernia patients requires 3 months of committed efforts and high patience levels to have the proper effects. While doing these yoga exercises as recommended by an expert, it is important to support the hernia affected region with your palm. The popular ones include:Helpful Exercises for Hernia Patients

  • Single leg raising with hand movements on hernia
  • Leg crossing with hands on hernia
  • Single leg circling
  • Pavanmuktasana
  • Uddiyan in sabasana
  • Utthanpadasana with hands on hernia
  • Sahajagnisar
  • Pranayam in sukhasana
  • Bhramori
  • Sabasana, and so forth.


In static or dynamic forms, gentle yogic stretching leads to the gradual strengthening of weak abdominal peritoneum and increases oxygenated blood supply to the affected areas. This in turn leads to better nourishment, activation, toning and strengthening of surrounding muscles. Additionally, the muscle tensile strength is enhanced and this prevents the displacement of strategically connected internal organs. Exercises related to Hernia also prevent the spread and recurrence of the disease to other adjacent areas, a common phenomenon in most patients.

Posted 24 Feb, 2015

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