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Gastric Bypass Surgery: Procedure, Benefits & Risks

Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity in cases where in the patient fails to lose weight even after repeated attempts by dietary efforts. The patient could suffer from other conditions like Diabetes or another life-threatening disease.

The procedure incorporates the division of the stomach into two parts-the first, the small upper pouch and the larger pouch-the lower one. Next, the small intestine is rearranged to connect both. With the developments in science, a lot of ways to reconnect the small intestine have been found, so the procedures available for gastric bypass surgeries are of a wide variety.

In the first step, the surgeon will make the stomach smaller by using staples to divide the stomach into a small upper section and a lower section which is larger in size. The food we intake, first goes into the smaller section of the stomach. Next, the surgeon will then reduce the size of this upper half to a pouch such that it can only hold 1 ounce of food. This step would help the patient in shedding unwanted weight.

In the second step, the bypass will take place. The surgeon will connect a small part of the small intestine to a hole in the pouch. The food that would be eaten will now pass from this hole to the small intestine and then to the body. This way, the patient’s body will absorb lesser calories and the successive outcome would be of a considerable amount of weight loss. There are a number of benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery. People who have been treated by this surgery show a correction in Obstructive sleep apnea, Hyperlipidemia, Essential hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes.  A 65-80% of excess body weight is the most significant result of the surgery.

Every big surgery has some or the other risk involved. Similarly, even this procedure has a few complications post-surgery. The major complications involved in this abdominal surgery include hernia, hemorrhage, bowel obstruction, anastomotic strictures and ulcers along with nutritional deficiencies.

The cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in India ranges from 3 to 5 lakhs. There are a lot of options available for Gastric Bypass Surgery in India. One of the leading clinics for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Delhi is Ayushman Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery (AYILS). Here, you can expect to be treated by the Padmashree awarded Doctor Pradeep Chowbey and his efficient team of doctors.

Posted 29 Jul, 2015