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Hospitals tip toe towards restarting non emergency & elective procedures with caution!

Hospitals tip toe towards restarting non emergency & elective procedures with caution!

As we are nearing the end of phase III of the lockdown in India , the hospitals must gear up for approaching the patients in new light. However, we together need to be mindful of the virus and every effort must be made to prevent its spread , even as the lockdown is lifted. We need to approach the new beginning with a very controlled, organised and scientific mindset. In the healthcare setup this will expedite the exit of the virus and be instrumental in saving patients and healthcare professionals (HCP).

We need to redefine our protocols and counsel all team members and hospital staff to prevent and prepare to face any unforeseen eventuality. As per advisory issued by the government of India, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and All India Institute of Medical Sciences , New Delhi, hospitals need to gear up to restart. It is advised that tele consults may continue for some departments, focus should be on starting simple surgical procedures that may require minimum of hospital stay, manpower and infrastructure. The changes implemented will need to be continuously revisited base on on the response of the disease and response of the reopening of facilities.

It is recommended to reinforce the standard hygiene practices, while taking care of patients in outpatients as well as inpatients (COVID 19 and non COVID19). As per the recommendation of PHFI casually exposed HCPs need not be self
quarantined, they need to be given prophylactic drugs. Special precautions must be followed in aerosol generating procedures (AGP). Healthcare facilities must ensure proper environmental hygiene and engineering modifications to ensure adequate ventilation. There should b liberal availability of PPE for the HCPs.

Posted 12 May, 2020