Why Is Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery Better Than Open Surgery

Why Is Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery Better Than Open Surgery

Appendix is one of those body parts that are not essentially required for smooth body function. By the time, this pat functions properly, it produces bacteria that kills immunoglobulins, which are a type of unhealthy proteins. However, when this body part is removed, other organs start producing same or similar type of bacteria and hence appendix is not missed for essential functional scope of the human body.

As a matter of fact, appendectomy or surgical removal of appendix , in case of stones or other infections is one of the most common surgeries performed. Out of every 2000 person, at least 1 person has either gone through this procedure or is to go through appendix surgery. In this surgery, the infected appendix is cut out and removed from the body.

Earlier, this surgery was performed through open method and used to cause lot of loss of blood. It also caused other risks such as increased chances of infection, skeptic to other diseases, heightened chances of hernia, long downtime period and of course lots of pain. Till the time it was performed through open method, it was dreaded as any other surgery. However, now it is easily performed through laparoscopic method. Some of the reasons that make this method better than open surgery are also detailed below.

Loss of blood:

In the laparoscopic method there are only three small homes made in the abdominal area as in comparison to large cut that is required for open style surgery. The loss of blood through these holes is minimal and does not cause any other health related threat to the patient.

Side Effects:

The open surgery required a big tear and hence there was a lot of chance of contracting hernia. However, with this minimally invasive approach, there are least chances of hernia. The open surgery left a greater area to develop hernia, but with just 3 button homes for laparoscopic surgery, there is minimal such risk.

Post Surgery Care:

In case of laparoscopic surgery the post surgical care are minimal. But, in the case of open surgery the same are extensive and some of the other body functions such as bowel movements take a lot of time to return to normal level.


The cost of the surgery essentially depends on how much time is required for the surgery. Further, doctors and surgeons too have to work with seamless care to ensure better results. However, in case of laparoscopic surgery, the cost is less in comparison to that of open surgery.

Apart from these benefits that are inherent to laparoscopic surgeries it is also essential that you should seek services of best doctors that have gained expertise in the field of minimally invasive appendectomy. Though, open surgery is not advisable as and when laparoscopic method is available, but it is also important to note that in some of the cases, when the patient is not fit for minimally invasive appendectomy, doctors too suggest going for open appendix surgery.

Posted 22 Dec, 2014

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