Mask On Carry On

Mask On Carry On

The corona fog of uncertainty has blurred the lives of many socially, economically, and disturbed the physical and mental health across the globe. As we have already entered into unlocking a world wherein we have acclimatized to be a part COVID-19. There is no silver bullet yet made to shoot the virus. However, the adoption of face safety gear (The Mask) is the temporary vaccine besides social distancing and hand hygiene.

Wearing of masks is now the new normal, has been made a punishable offense not to wear one. Moreover, it’s a sign of civic responsibility for all citizens; not wearing one is a mark of irresponsibility. The new culture of a mask is the armor to many and has become a lifeline “avtaar” to prevent the spread of the virus.

The mode of transmission is by respiratory droplets and by feco-oral route. Respiratory droplet transmission is very rapid if no barrier is present. It can be prevented by the use of the masks. The dominant scientific opinion says masks are very useful, and even relatively simple home-made masks can offer a great degree of protection against the COVID-19. The studies in Arizona, Harvard, and Sydney have shown that if 70% of people wore an effective professional mask every time they went outdoors, the pandemic could be eliminated from the city. The doctrine behind the proper mask is one that snug fits the face without the escape of air. Secondly, replace the mask with a new one as soon as it becomes damp and never re-use a single-use mask more than once. When people step out of their homes, they should consider others as possibly infected, and themselves as possible contagion. If they wear a mask, there is two-way protection.

Resilience is a vital necessity in the Covid-19 era. Returning life to operational health is extremely challenging. The coronavirus has muddled our daily lives from greeting family, friends to delay in vacations. The source of the virus is still a mystery. The positive dimension to the crisis is to be prepared to face the future pandemic crisis and look for opportunities to improve our performances amid COVID-19.

Life is like a riding bicycle, to keep a balance we have to keep moving. Thus safeguarding our lives and livelihoods is the imperative need of an hour. To maintain balance we have to continue leading our daily lives with safety gear ( The mask) irrespective of the COVID-19 crisis. The only panacea ( The mask) is the solution to continue the momentum of life. Amidst this adversity, we must show compassion and help to raise awareness amongst each other to ensure that everyone understands and obey the norms even after the relaxations. It is our responsibility to help fight the pandemic by adhering to the safety precautions provided by our health officials.

Posted 27 Aug, 2020

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