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Obesity – the cause behind half a million cancers a year, Worldwide!

According to experts, 30% of the global population is estimated to be overweight or obese, which has a significant impact on cancer rates. According to a recent report published by Lancet Oncology, 500,000 cancer cases worldwide are caused due to Obesity.
Women are at a greater risk compared to men and twice as likely to develop obesity related cancer. Shockingly, if the current trends continue to increase, nearly half of the world population will be overweight or obese by 2030, which automatically will drive up incidences of different cancer types.
Latest Stats on Worldwide Obesity-related Cancer
Global worldwide statistics of 2012 came with following conclusion:
• Obesity was associated with 5.4% of all new cancers in women and 1.9% of cancers in men.
• Developed nations showed a higher rate of cancer associated with Obesity than developing nations. 8% of all cancers in women in developed nations is obesity related than just 1.5% in developing nations
• Global cost of Obesity is now at $2 trillion annually, which is almost equivalent to global cost of smoking.
Other potential health ramifications associated with Obesity
Certainly, cancer isn’t the only disease associated with excess body weight. Diabetes, Sleep disorders, Heart disease, Gall bladder disease, Asthma, Non-alcoholic fatty liver are some other life-threatening health disorders related to obesity.
It is important to understand that while obesity is associated with the diseases mentioned above, it is not their cause. Obesity is a Marker!
Furthermore, childhood obesity is also on the rise, which simply signifies that cancer rates might be fuelled even more – especially among young women, whose cancers are often driven by excess estrogen produced by fat cells.
Recent research conducted by medicinenet.com warns that obese children are at increased risk for diseases relegated to older people. These include: Liver & heart disease and High blood pressure.
Reasons behind rise of this Epidemic
Obesity is not just related to intake of too many calories and lack of exercise, various environmental and lifestyle factors play a far more significant role in this trend. Problem arises when most of the people do not even realise that they are affected by these factors, which simply worsen the situation. Additional associated factors are:
• Overuse of antibiotics in medicine and food production
• Artificial sweeteners
• Harmful junk food
Processed foods are considered to be the main culprit as ingredients (Genetically Engineered Ingredients, Sugar beets, hydrogenated vegetable oil) present in them lead to metabolic dysfunction, which makes it difficult to control weight gain.
How to prevent Obesity and Cancer?
Fortunately, there are various methods through which you can lower down cancer risk. Although, prevention is the best key, maintaining a healthy weight is one way to prevent being overweight. Adhere to following strategies, which will help you in normalising your weight.
• Purchase whole organic food items – This will help you in reducing your sugar consumption, which is considered to be the root cause of weight gain. Moreover, by purchasing organic produce, you will also cut down your exposure to pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients.
• Exercise – This helps you in lowering your insulin level thereby promoting weight loss. A three month study showed that exercise can alter immune cells into a more potent disease fighting form in cancer survivors who had just completed chemotherapy. Ideally you exercise program should include strength, balance and flexibility.
• Avoid radiation exposure – Limit your exposure and protect yourself from radiations produced by cell phones, Wi-Fi stations, radiation based medical scans including CT scans and dental x-rays
Other strategies include, proper sleep, stress management, optimizing Vitamin D levels, Avoiding toxins and by taking ‘get healthy’ challenges.

Posted 14 Dec, 2015