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Robotic Surgery for common surgeries takes a quantum Leap with Next Generation Robotic System

Revolutionary Technological advancements gives Minimally Invasive Surgery new dimension

Robot-assisted surgeries have been around for quite some time but till now the robots were being used mostly by urologists and oncologists. However, now with the next-generation robotic system, the benefits of robotic surgery can be leveraged for all common and advanced surgical conditions like gallbladder surgery, hernia, weight loss surgery, appendicitis, fundoplication & other procedures.
Compared to laparoscopic surgery where the surgeon gets a 2D view while operating, the biggest advantage of robotic surgery is the 3-dimensional high-definition, magnified view that empowers the surgeon with greater depth perception. This significantly improves the accuracy of the operating surgeon and safety of the procedure.
During robotic surgery with next generation robotic system, Versius- the surgeon operates from an open console near the operating table. The open console allows the surgeon to have complete control and visibility of the patient during the surgery and maintain verbal or non-verbal communication with the team which is very critical in the OT environment.
Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive and three to four tiny incisions are made in the patient’s abdomen/chest. The robotic system, translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements into precise, real-time movements of surgical instruments inside the surgical area.
The hand controls are maneuvered by the surgeon that move the robotic arms with attached surgical instruments. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system is designed for surgical excellence and has many in-built safety mechanisms.
The robotic system permits 360 degrees of wrist motion and enables precise and efficient alignment even in areas that are otherwise not accessible thus overcoming the limitations of a human wrist. With the advanced and robust technology of this system, the surgeon skills are enhanced whilst surgical errors are negated.
The patients are up and about within a few hours after the surgery and can resume their daily activities mostly in a day’s time. There is minimal blood loss due to the tiny incisions and the patient gets excellent cosmetic results. Due to minimal pain and scarring, greater precision and safety, robotic surgery for common surgeries will soon be one of the most preferred surgical options.
Thirty years ago, the surgical fraternity witnessed a giant leap from conventional open surgery to Laparoscopic surgery which transformed the surgical landscape. Dr Pradeep Chowbey pioneered the laparoscopic surgery technique in India & the subcontinent. He along with his team have more than 93,000 surgeries to their credit. Now with another leap to Next Generation Robotic surgery, Dr Chowbey has been recognized by the World Book of Records, London in the year 2022 for two World records; one for the fastest 100 robotic surgeries and the second one for completing 623 robotic surgeries in a year.

Posted 09 Aug, 2023