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The  Rise Of Mental Storm in the  phase of Covid 19

The Rise Of Mental Storm in the phase of Covid 19

The Covid 19 has been the most devastating and deadly outbreak of pandemic infection since World War-II. It has not only ruined the world economic strata but has also lead to serious mental health issues in the population. The life juggles for most in this unprecedented times between economic uncertainty, social isolation and semblance of normalcy. The coronavirus war of social isolation has become a “ Paradox” itself. Social distancing is indeed protecting us from life threatening virus but at the same time it has put people at risk of mental burden of thoughts, fear, depression, suicidal tendencies, drug overdose and alcohol abuse. This menace of Covid 19 and self restriction to be bounded by four walls has made the population DEAF- which is expressed as under Depression, Ennui- (bored), filled with Anxiety for future and Fear of losing a normal life.

The WHO has emphasised on the rise of mental health issues exponentially due to repurcussions of Covid-19 in the year 2020. Children, adolescents older people, frontline healthcare workers and people with low socio economic status are most vulnerable and falling under the red alert for mental health breakdown. A survey at UK undertaken by the psychiatrists have reported that families were experiencing acute tension as a result being together at home. The rising trend of corona psychosis and lockdown anxiety will upsurge the Post traumatic stress disorders in people and will increase the opd (out patient) hours for the Psychiatrists across the country.

In this phase of coronavirus battle, the aim is to uproot the weed of mental health stigma and not let the thoughts dwell in your mind. To keep a check on your mental health is the lifeline guide for coping with adversity of Covid 19. The guide aims to equip people with practical skills to help cope with stress. The daily habit of physical activity is an affordable therapy to keep a sound mind. The comunication gap prevailing due to pandemic circumstances could be mended by taking help of technology (audio and video calls). The key is to minimize the news feeds of coronavirus and just seek updated information once or twice a day. Indian goveronment has already made provisions like phone helplines for mental health concerning COVID-19 to ensure the serenity in people. Indian Mental Healthcare Act 2017 aims to provide mental healthcare services for persons with mental illness. It ensures that these individuals have a right to live a dignified life in society. Timely intervention, awareness about the issue, availability of professional help and appropriate policies is the only way to improve the situation.

Thus, we don’t need new sunrise to start a new life, but we definitely need a new mindset to lead the normalcy even in the chaos of Covid 19. The trigger is in our hands, its completely dependent on our positive thoughts to fight COVID-19 which will ensure safety and our good mental health.

Posted 15 Jun, 2020