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Visa on Arrival for Medical Patients! Good News!

Visa on Arrival for Medical Patients! Good News!

India is one of the preferred choice of many patients in the world who come to our country for medical procedures. Going a step further, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced that immediate medical visas will be given on arrival to patients and one attendant from SAARC countries. This news has received a positive feedback from major healthcare providers of the country. Earlier, patients were visiting India on tourism visas which needed to be changed if they were undergoing medical procedures. Now that medical visas are given to patients directly on arrival, their documentation work and hassles have drastically reduced, making it easier for them to concentrate on their treatments.

Why medical patients prefer India for treatments:

Affordability – The cost effective procedures are one of the major reasons why many residents of the world choose India as their favourite destination for medical needs.

Excellent developments in the medical industry – The revolution in the fields of science and technology combined with the revolution of the internet has proved to be a boon for the Indian medical industry.

Highly Trained Surgeons – India is home to some of the best surgeons in the world. The doctors have outstanding experience and excellent knowledge which is a relief for a patient coming from another country.

Simpler transactions – It is easy for patients from across the world to visit India since the documentation processes and payment transactions are much simpler. Especially with the visa on arrival, it makes it even easier for patients to have a smooth treatment.

Better healthcare – Indian nurses and hospital staff is courteous and polite, making the hospital stay extremely comfortable for the patient and family members.

Lenient laws – The medical laws and government laws are comparatively lenient so patients from different parts of the world can easily plan their trips for medical needs.

Cross-border insurance policies – Many insurance companies are understanding the need of medical tourism and offering cross-border policies, making it feasible for foreigners to visit India for their medical procedures.

Added facilities:

The visa on arrival is a great way to convince SAARC residents to visit India for medical tourism and ensure state-of-the-art healthcare for them. Special provisions are also made for patients at the airports that include wheelchairs, stretchers, no queues, etc. so that they are given faster access to treatments. Special facilities like airport transports, translators, and help in currency exchange and good accommodation are some other external factors that make patients feel at home and help them in faster treatment access and recovery. .

India receives various in-patients as well as out-patients on a yearly basis. With the visa on arrival, this number will surely go up, leading to a positive impact on the industry. With better infrastructure and easier payment solutions, the number of patients visiting India for their medical procedures is expected to see a steady rise in the years to come. The visa on arrival for medical patients will also help brand India internationally as an excellent healthcare destination.

Posted 28 Jan, 2015