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Why should you not delay your Hernia Repair Surgery?

Many people scared with the name of ‘Surgery’ tend to follow the myth that Hernia surgery can be delayed with the chances of getting it repaired on its own.
As stated above, this is just a myth as Hernias do not go by themselves and surgery is the only option for its repair. A Hernia repair surgery returns the organ or structure in its place, thereby fixing the weakened area of the muscle or tissue.
Obviously getting a surgery done is a big decision and quite tempting to put off, which might also be okay in some cases. But, before making a decision, be sure to understand the risks and benefits associated with your choice. To help you come with a right conclusion, we have covered some important aspects associated with Hernia Surgery.
How is Hernia affecting you?
Since hernias are associated with a feeling of pain and uncomfortableness, the first thing to consider is whether you are experiencing such symptoms or not. It is not necessary that everyone might be experiencing the same symptoms. However, a feeling of heaviness or fullness in the groin associated with pain is a common one.
Whether or not you are experiencing the following symptoms, hernia can also interfere with your leisure activity and work. A delay in your surgery simply means that you will need to spend more time away from work as the complications might continue to follow.
If you have been showing the symptoms of pain, your doctor would definitely recommend a surgery. However, if there are minimal or no symptoms, the doctor might recommend a watchful waiting. In either of the cases, be sure that your doctor knows the whole story related to this disorder. Be honest about any limitations that hernia puts on your time and activities.

Risks associated with delay in Surgery
• Hernias Grow
It is quite certain that with the passage of time your hernia will continue to grow and weaken. This will further increase the symptoms of pain while causing more changes to your lifestyle. Since smaller hernias are easier to repair than larger ones, getting a surgery done without any delay will prevent your symptoms from getting worse.

• Hernias can become incarcerated
A serious potential risk of not fixing the hernia is that it can get trapped outside the abdominal wall or become incarcerated. This will disconnect any blood supply to the hernia while obstructing the bowel movement, which results to a strangulated hernia. This will require an immediate surgical repair.
It is not really necessary for all Hernias to reach this level, but the risk is nonetheless. Therefore, avoiding an emergence situation that you can’t control is one of the reasons to consider not delaying your surgery.

• Surgery for Hernia is inevitable
Whether you are showing any symptoms or not, you may still want to consider getting a surgery done sooner or later. Eventually, all hernias require a surgery. It is important to understand that a delay in your surgery would increase its size while weakening the muscles and hence increase complications for the surgeon.

Making the Decision
Surgery is never convenient and life is always very busy. Moreover, Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery option helps you to get back to life and work, sooner than in the years past.

Posted 25 Oct, 2015