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Worried about getting Gallstones! 3 ways you can prevent them

There is no guaranteed method to prevent Gallstones, but there are a lot many things that can be done to prevent them. A healthy weight can definitely reduce the risk of getting into gallstones trouble.
Obesity has become a leading cause of various health ailments with gallstones being one of them. Being overweight can increase the risk of developing gallstones. This is primarily because; people who are overweight have more cholesterol in their bile, which most likely turns into gallstones. Therefore, if you are overweight or obese, the best thing that you can do for your health is to lose weight and that too steadily.
Preventing Gallstones
Control your weight!
It is very important to control your weight as weight gain brings along a lot many health issues.
When you are over 120 percent of your ideal body weight, the incidence of gallstones starts going up. In fact, the distribution of fat on the body may also contribute to the development of gallstones. A recent study indicated that men with more fat around their abdomens have a greater risk of developing problematic gallstones that those with smaller waistlines.
Stay active to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight. Make sure you eat healthy food with atleast 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise to prevent this disease. Also, weight loss should be slow and steady – focus on losing a pound or two in a week until you reach your goal.
Eat Healthy
As mentioned above, diet and exercise plays a vital role in preventing gallbladder stones. However, to prevent them, you don’t have to only subsist on fruits and veggies alone. Below is a list of good and bad foods when it comes to diet, exercise and gallstones.
• Fat – it tends to get a bad reputation, but not all fats are bad for your health. Monosaturated fats found in olive and canola oil, omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseeds, avocados and fish oil can help in lowering the risk of gallbladder disease. Fish oil is beneficial for people who have high levels of triglycerides.
At the same time, it is recommended to stay away from saturated fats found in meat, butter and other animal products as these kind of fats can increase the likelihood of gallstones.
• Fiber – Found in whole-grain breads, vegetables, fruits and cereals, fiber in your diet can help you to lose weight thereby preventing gallstones.
• Sugar & Carbs – It is recommended to stay away from sweets and instead choose low-sugar food alternatives whenever possible. Since carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the body, diets filled with carbohydrate rich diet can again increase the risk
• Nuts – Peanuts and Tree nuts such as almond and walnuts can again help in preventing the risk. In fact snacking on almonds is a healthy way to ease hunger while losing weight.

Avoid certain Medicines
Following medicines can increase the risk of Gallstones.
1. Hormone Therapy – Hormone replacement therapy increase risks among women to become a victim of gallstones. This is because; estrogen causes the body to make more cholesterol. If you are only kind of birth control pill or hormone therapy, it is suggested to speak to your health advisor about the associated risks and if there are any other alternatives.
2. Cholesterol lowering drugs – Drugs that are used to lower blood cholesterol can put you at higher risk of developing gallstones. This is because, all these medicines increase the amount of cholesterol that is released in the bile, which can lead to gallstone formation while at the same time lowering blood cholesterol. If you are depending on such kind of drugs, speak to your doctor about switching to alternative medication as not all drugs have such effects on the body.
Following a healthy diet along with strict exercise and workout schedule is sometimes difficult to maintain. But, it is also the best thing that you can do to prevent gallstones. If you find yourself struggling with your weight, speak to your health advisor as there are options available to help you get along your path to good health.

Posted 14 Oct, 2015