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Long-Term Results of Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery which helps people suffering from obesity to lose weight. It is an option for those people who are not able to lose weight by exercising or diet and who are suffering from serious illnesses due to obesity.

The procedures lead to weight loss by restricting the food intake by restricting the stomach food holding capacity or by causing Malabsorption of nutrients or both. The types of procedures done for weight loss surgery in India are,

• Sleeve gastrectomy
• Gastric bypass
• The adjustable gastric band, also known as gastric banding
• Biliopancreatic diversion
• Duodenal switch

The procedures are done using minimally invasive techniques. People lose weight quickly after surgery but tend to regain later, if they do not follow the advised lifestyle alterations says the best bariatric surgeon India. If the proper diet and exercise recommendations are followed, these surgeries offer long-term result.

Bariatric Surgery Result Overview

Max Super Speciality Hospital is amongst the hospitals which offer the best bariatric surgery India. It has surgeon in panel who states that this surgery offers a long-term benefit provided you commit yourself to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. Along with losing weight it also improves the quality of life and removes the risk of other medical conditions associated with obesity. Many research shows that the patient undergone bariatric surgeries have fewer obesity-related medical conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and other conditions. This is what a successful bariatric surgery is known for.

The Requirement for Bariatric Surgery

The best weight loss surgeon India states, “In the first two years of bariatric surgery, the changes come easily, and the patient also gives their best due to the euphoria of getting rid of those huge kilos. Patients are active and feel wonderful for having reached the weight loss goals. The problem starts when the slip back into the same lifestyle habits”.

If you skip your exercise schedule or start eating bigger portions there are good chances of gaining back the lost weight. There is actually need for a good support system, which can help you stick to the improved habits.

Long-Term Success Surgery Tips

There are few tips which if followed can help you keep your weight off for a longer time.

• Satiety conscious: You should be really conscious when your body is full, and when to put your hands off food. It helps in preventing binging on unnecessarily on extra food.

• Move your focus off food: You can get into a hobby, such as painting, exercise, swimming, music classes. This will help keep your mind off food.

• Regularize exercise schedule: Try and make exercise a regular habit. Get the right mindset, and establish new habits that will stay long. You can also wear a pedometer and track your steps.

• Join weight loss surgery support group: Joining weight loss group can prove to be supportive and help keep you motivated to stay in the fitness schedule. It helps reinforce lifestyle change.

The nutritionist can give a good meal plan and advice accordingly to put things off which might be a barrier in the weight loss journey.

Risks associated with Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery in Delhi and all over India is done using minimally invasive techniques but like any other surgery pose potential health risks. Postoperative bowel obstruction, gastrointestinal bleeding or anastomotic stricture can occur after the surgery. Long-term risk includes bowel obstruction, dumping syndrome, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea development of gallstones or a hernia, hypoglycemia or malnutrition.

Posted 18 Aug, 2018