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Nov 12 2015

Two-fifths of Punjab population Obese! Alarming findings on risk factors

Surveys conducted across Punjab showed that 40% of the population is either overweight or obese and just under half the Punjab is at a high risk of contracting kidney ailments. Moreover, prevalence rate of diabetes is five percent higher than the national average! A study conducted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research and […]

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Nov 05 2015

Are Gallstones linked with Pregnancy?

In addition to morning sickness, swollen feet and stretch marks, pregnant women have yet another thing to worry about – Gallstones. Various studies prove that women have a twice the risk as compared to men of developing gallstones. Hormonal changes that occur in the body of pregnant women can put you at even higher risk. […]

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Oct 30 2015

Is Obesity really becoming an epidemic in India?

The second half of the twentieth century noticed a health transition in which world, which propelled due to various socio-economic and technological changes. These changes unprecedentedly altered the life expectancy rate which creating a need for exceptional human capacity to use medical sciences in order to prolong or enhance life. Various lifestyle changes and dietary […]

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Oct 25 2015

Why should you not delay your Hernia Repair Surgery?

Many people scared with the name of ‘Surgery’ tend to follow the myth that Hernia surgery can be delayed with the chances of getting it repaired on its own. As stated above, this is just a myth as Hernias do not go by themselves and surgery is the only option for its repair. A Hernia […]

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Oct 19 2015

Why you might need a thyroid surgery?

The following article looks at the various issues surrounding thyroid surgery, known as thyroidectomy. Reasons for Thyroid Surgery Thyroid surgery is performed in a number of circumstances: • as a treatment for thyroid cancer • when an enlarged thyroid (goiter) or multiple nodules cause cosmetic, breathing or swallowing problems • in a pregnant woman, when […]

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Oct 14 2015

Worried about getting Gallstones! 3 ways you can prevent them

There is no guaranteed method to prevent Gallstones, but there are a lot many things that can be done to prevent them. A healthy weight can definitely reduce the risk of getting into gallstones trouble. Obesity has become a leading cause of various health ailments with gallstones being one of them. Being overweight can increase […]

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Oct 08 2015

Childhood obesity myths busted!

Childhood obesity is constantly in the news, whether it’s new and frightening statistics and scientific studies, or efforts to treat and prevent the condition. But childhood obesity myths are prevalent too. Do you know fact from fiction? Myth 1: Childhood obesity is parents’ fault. Maybe it’s true in some case. After all, parents are the […]

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Oct 05 2015

Childhood Obesity – A fat lot of concern!

Those extra kilos on your child should not be ignored as baby fat. Chances of him/her falling prey to diabetes are significantly high. With a dearth of study conducted by various survey institutions, small sample studies indicate that every fifth child in the city is at the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 19% of […]

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Oct 01 2015

Are fast foods putting kids on a freeway to Obesity?

A common trend followed among all the schools worldwide is that Kindergarten school kids come out a little earlier from the school than the rest. Most of the kids in this category are chubby and cute, which is because of the puppy fat. Then, children studying in higher classes come out. Some of them are […]

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Sep 27 2015

22% Indian Kids are Obese & Fat – WHO

There is no doubt that childhood obesity is at its peak and reaching alarming proportions alone in India. A recent study conducted by The World Health Organization shows that in the last 5 years there has been a 22% prevalence rate of childhood obesity in India, especially among the age group of 5-19 years. WHO […]

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