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May 24 2020

As the time oscillates in phase of Lockdown, so is the weighing scale.

Social distancing and self-quarantine are the new safety slogans which will prevail due to COVID-19 for this 2020 and may be further. In this phase of self isolation , the anxiety levels are high due to restrictions to be under four walls. Its evident not only in adults but also in children and adolescents. The […]

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May 20 2020

Coping with the new Normal- How will it impact us medically, socially and economically ?

The Venom of Coronavirus has spread across the world. Its toxic nature has not only ruined our physical health but also social and economic health. Are We ready with the Viral antibodies, Social antibodies and Economic antibodies? This global crisis of pandemic Coronavirus 2020 has created a noxious impact on current generation and will leave […]

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May 12 2020

Hospitals tip toe towards restarting non emergency & elective procedures with caution!

As we are nearing the end of phase III of the lockdown in India , the hospitals must gear up for approaching the patients in new light. However, we together need to be mindful of the virus and every effort must be made to prevent its spread , even as the lockdown is lifted. We […]

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Nov 14 2018

Childhood Obesity Causes and Health Risks

Childhood obesity is a medical condition that brings children under multiple health risks. Childhood obesity is on the rise and more and more children are observed taking help of bariatric surgery to lose weight. A child having a body mass index higher than that of 95 percent of the children of the same age is […]

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Oct 26 2018

Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery – Few Tips You Need to Know

Exercise is a must, whether you want to achieve or maintain weight loss. An exercise routine is necessary to strengthen heart and bones, burn calories, increase metabolic rate, develop muscles and improve mood and stress. It also helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. Bariatric surgery is a powerful weight loss tool, […]

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Jan 04 2017

Belly Buttons Explode – Hyderabad coined as India’s Obesity Capital for women

Known for iconic biryani and other high calorie cuisine, which maybe amazingly addictive Hyderabadi women who love to gorge on these delicacies, but won’t move a limb are becoming a victim of Obesity and related disorders Binge eating without doing any workout have made the Hyderabadi women the most obese in the country. They have […]

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Jan 04 2017

Childhood Obesity – An irreversible damage

With the rising concerns of uncontrolled lifestyle changes, children are easily prone to many disorders and suffer the most. Obesity is one such concern which looms on many parents’ minds and is becoming a cause of concern. The fact is, obesity in children is caused due a variety of reasons. The common factors may be […]

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Feb 18 2016

Doctors suggest to start Young than regret Obesity

Childhood obesity has certainly become a matter of concern among many parents. Increasing number of school kids are becoming a victim of this epidemic with doctors researching that this biggest problem is seen among early adults – those aged between 18 and 25. A message is being spread across the nation by doctors to effectively […]

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Feb 12 2016

If Health is Wealth, Then GenX seems to be poor!

A study conducted by ‘Edusports Annual School Health and Fitness’ across 78000 children aged between 7 to 17 years in seventeen different states of India, came out with the following shocking numbers! • 2 in 5 children do not have the right BMI levels • 66 per cent of girls have healthy BMI as compared […]

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Feb 11 2016

Higher Weighing Scale linked to Infertility?

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic with India being the 3rd most Obese country in the world. In addition to heart issues, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and various other health disorders, Obesity is also known to have significant effects on the reproductive health of the women at all levels, affecting a woman’s ability […]

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